February 21, 2022

KatDog, our first in-house project

KatDog is our first in-house project, it consists of a mobile application created to help animal shelters get more outreach, boost administrative tasks, and make the adoption process faster and more convenient.
KatDog Logo

Problem We Seek to Solve

In the search to carry out an internal project in our company which solved a social problem, we informed ourselves and contacted several shelters.

With this we could conclude that:

  • They are mostly overpopulated, due to a higher rate of animals incoming compared to the outgoings.
  • Most have scarce resources (monetary and material).
  • They have deficiencies in the administration of animals, due to the complexity and time required to keep complete spreadsheets in Excel.

What does KatDog provide?

  • Web application, which is designed for shelter members. In this platform they can manage all the related information regarding their animals (vaccines, dewormings, pathologies) and manage adoption forms from potential adopters.
KatDog Dashboard
  • Mobile application available for both Android and iOS, aimed at users so they can adopt animals. This allows:
KatDog Mobile App
  1. See animals in adoption and apply filters to help the adopter find his/her ideal friend.
  2. Get to know the shelters near the adopter or learn more about them.
  3. Begin the adoption process by filling out a custom form provided by the shelter to speed up the process.

What can you expect in the future at Katdog?

  • Both material and monetary donations to shelters.
  • Smart filtering based on where the adopter is located.
  • And more!

Shelters that currently use KatDog

  • APA EL Refugio
  • Refugio PGA
  • Animales Rosario
  • Ángeles en Libertad