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After visiting several animal shelters we were shocked to see that all of them where overwhelmed: volunteers helping after work, low resources with little financial help from people, and a colossal amount of new dogs and cats that were rescued each day.

We then understood that the main challenge was to help shelters and as much as animals as possible by finding them a loving home and making shelters give away more animals than the amount they rescue on a daily basis.



We first designed in collaboration with the shelters an admin dashboard to help them organize and upload their animals for adoption, which also allowed shelters to define their own adoption process by customizing an adoption form and visualizing adoption applicants.

After this, we started creating mockups for what would end up being the mobile application,  in which we iterated constantly after receiving feedback from interested people and volunteers at the shelters. We then started building the mobile application using React Native, which allowed us to cut down in half the time needed to get the idea out and working in both iOS and Android.

In order to power both the mobile application and admin dashboard we leveraged the power and rapid development that Ruby on Rails offers, which was finally deployed in our AWS infrastructure, permitting us to help both animals, shelters and run our whole infrastructure with a small budget while leaving room for uncountable more features to further help those in need.



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