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The Client

Matt and Rob are the cofounders of Strobe. In January of 2022, they had an MVP of their app but they were struggling to develop a UI and a UX that were production-quality. They needed to launch their product by the end of March, but were unsure of how they would get there.

Then, Marco from MetaLabs reached out to Matt to see if Strobe needed any help with design or development. Matt characterizes deciding to work with Marco and Felipe from MetaLabs “as one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without their help. They were more than contractors, they were true partners.”



The main challenge faced in this project was the tight schedule in which we had to execute both the design and validation process during our first iteration, and finally develop the landing page on the second iteration of the product.

We mitigated this risk by being close and having constant communication with the client, which helped us complete the project in a timely manner.



In order to achieve our goals, we had to develop a thorough and accelerated design process based on SCRUM with short sprints.

We used Figma to design the low and high-fidelity prototypes accompanied by the design system that the developers used to build the application. At the end of each main flow we used maze to validate the design with potential users.

For the second iteration, we developed the website using Wordpress with the Elementor plugin to create an attractive landing page within the time we had.

Matthew says "MetaLabs’s design work allowed Strobe to launch their website and their app by their end-of-March deadline. By the end of April, their first crowdfund had met its goal of 100 fans. “Without their expertise, it’s unclear whether we would have been able to launch a good enough product to get the traction we needed to sell out our first event. MetaLabs was absolutely crucial and we can’t thank them enough."



Matthew Fisher

"It didn't feel like they were contractors; it felt like they were part of our team."

Matthew Fisher
Co-founder of Strobe
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